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justasarah Posted: Thu, Jul 14 2016 8:50 AM

Hi all,

I just wanted to share a quick review of one of my favorite apps I use with DD, TinyBeans. When she was born, I knew I was going to have to exercise self-restraint not to post a billion pictures of her on Facebook. But so many of our family members are out of state, I wanted to take and share photos of her regularly, especially for those who have yet to meet our little one. We had a few group text chains going at the beginning, but those get obnoxious really quickly (all it takes is one person to misuse the thread and then you're getting tons of texts about things that don't apply to you!)! I had seen a friend using an app called TinyBeans, so I decided to give it a try - and I love it. The idea is it's a "private social network" - you invite your family members and close friends to be a part of your little one's journal, and they get an e-mail (once a day or once a week) with all the pictures that you share. There are tons of cool features like filters, stickers (including the cute week and month counters - wish I had known that before I bought blocks!), and you can also add videos and little notes about cute things your tiny bean is doing.

My older relatives love it because they don't need to do anything to get it set up, and they just get a digest of the photos and other "Moments". I love it because it creates a cool monthly collage of thumbnails for each day, and I can see her growing up so quickly. Your family members can also download the app and like/comment on moments or even add photos if you grant them access (but it's not required that they download the app to see the pictures) - it's really as interactive as they want to make it, but for me I love that my less-techie family members can see pictures without being overwhelmed by another app. And I know when I upload a ridiculous amount of photos, I'm not going to be causing their phone to vibrate nonstop - it's just an email update!

There's also a neat feature that allows you to track developmental milestones, measurements, and special firsts (and you can control whether your family sees those - I made mine private to just my husband and I because there are other babies around DD's age in the family, and I know all too well the panic of milestone comparing between babies !!). You can link the milestones to pictures, too.

The app is free, with the option to purchase "premium". I did purchase the premium membership, so I can upload multiple pictures at a time, upload longer videos, make some moments completely "Hidden" to just my husband and me, etc. - but I loved the free version too!

Just wanted to share. Anyone else have baby-related apps they love?

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gabelle1995 replied on Thu, Jul 14 2016 11:49 AM

Thanks for the rec about TinyBeans. We use a similar "private social network" app called Notabli. I've been using it for about 1.5 years now and have been pretty happy with it. We don't post pictures of our kids on anything else (privacy, security issues) and I like the control that these types of apps give you in that regard.

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