Saying bye bye to pacifier - tips?

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gabelle1995 Posted: Mon, Jan 16 2017 5:30 AM

Our 2.5 yo daughter will need to stop using her pacifier soon. I've looked around the internet and read various things about pacifier fairies, 3 day plans and so on. But I'd like to hear some stories and tips from those who have been there and done that. How did you build up to saying goodbye to pacifiers? How long did it take? She is already not using it during the day when she's playing at home or at playschool. She uses it during diaper changes but we are stopping that now. We are most worried about nap time and bed time. Should we tackle one before the other? 

Thanks in advance.

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dj rayne replied on Mon, Jan 16 2017 2:21 PM

With my youngest brother my mother took him to TRU and simply told him to pick out the one thing he really wanted and once he did that he had to choose - toy ot paci. The paci stayed on the shelf (not really she slipped in in her pocket while he was looking over the much wanted toy. We never went to toy stores or on toy aisles unless we were picking out someone's birthday present or had money that we we allowed to spend (from a birthday or holiday and it was a one time event per year- that taught us the benefit of saving and putting together what we had gotten over the year). My son wasn't one to use them until we moved home for a year. Mom was big on them so he had a rainbow. When the time came since we were always telling him how sweet he was we slipped the pacis out once he was asleep and cut the tips off. Mom had sugar ants that would come in the kitchen window on occasion and she kept taro for bait. We put a drop on the cut end of the pacis and the ants swarmed them. When he got up the next morning asking for one we showed him what the ants did (ate the pacis) and that was all she wrote. He never asked for them again.

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soon2be_mrsd replied on Mon, Jan 16 2017 3:28 PM

My mom tells me a similar story of when I gave up my paci.   I got to pick out a toy doll I wanted at the store and I paid for it with my pacifier.  The cashier played along according to my mom telling me what a big girl I was and making a great choice in the doll.

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Cliff1016 replied on Mon, Jan 16 2017 7:49 PM

My kiddo never took a paci but my SIL just cut out paci's with her 2 year old. She cut the ends off during a nap and let her daughter see them and once she saw the paci's were "broken" she didn't want them anymore. Hope you find something that works quickly and easily!

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hb12red replied on Mon, Jan 16 2017 8:18 PM

We got rid of my son's paci at 3.5 (we meant to do it earlier but life happens).  One night I couldn't find one so he just had to go to bed without it. I layed with him till he fell asleep.  The next day I searched for the his 2 paci's and tossed them!  The first few nights were hard but it was a lot easier than I thought.  

My daughter is 22 months now and we are working on keeping paci's for just nap/bed time. I'm hoping to get rid of them a lot sooner this time, but I know it isn't a big deal if is just for sleeping.  One thing I though about doing for my son was to take him to build a bear and have him put his paci inside the bear so he could always have it, even though he couldn't use it.  He was never really into stuffed animals though so we skipped that option.

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spermhoarder replied on Tue, Jan 17 2017 1:51 AM

We took DD1 to the dentist for the first time when she turned 3, and we warned her in advance that the dentist would probably tell her she would have to give up the pacifier. She tends to take professionals more seriously than she takes mom and dad :P of course he did tell her that she would have to stop pacifier to have strong teeth, BUT she got to have new stuff like floss and mouthwash. We cut it off cold turkey after that, which I think helped. It took her about 2 days to fall asleep easily without the pacifier.

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SoccerGirl replied on Tue, Jan 24 2017 11:57 AM

We had DS say bye to the pacifier shortly before he turned 3, just before his first dentist appointment. ;)  A few weeks before we planned to do it (we wanted to be back from a planned camping trip first) we told DS that we would be going to the Lego store and he would get to 'buy' some Lego with his soothers and that they would be gone but he would have a fun lego set.  When the day came he was not completely caught off guard by it and easily handed in his bag of soothers in exchange for his lego junior.  Our biggest concern was also him being able to sleep but it went way better than we thought it would, thankfully.  We just stayed by him for a bit to help him fall asleep and every day left sooner and sooner and before we knew it he was falling asleep on his own.  

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gabelle1995 replied on Mon, Mar 6 2017 3:38 AM

I just wanted to write an update. A couple of weeks after I wrote this post, DD gave up her pacifiers willingly. We talked about how big girls don't use pacifiers. She wants to be a big girl most of the time. So she gave each one a kiss and told it bye bye and handed it to me. She had a bit of trouble going to sleep that night but we just stayed by her and gave her some extra cuddles. We were worried about her not having the pacifier at her playschool when she had a nap but they said she asked for it that first day and they told her that she had said bye bye to them. After a couple of days of no pacifier I took her to the toy store and she picked out some Lego. I couldn't believe how easy it went.

The next hurdle is potty training. Somehow I don't think it will go nearly as easy. :-)

Thanks for all of the suggestions and stories!

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