Another FAQ? Stories of hope after RPL

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Yogi33 replied on Tue, Sep 20 2016 4:52 PM

Can't believe I can finally add our story. I look back through the thread and I posted a bump* (so I was obviously looking at this board for inspiration in November of last year.... which is when I got my BFP). I went through so many emotions after a loss, saying I'd never try again, that it hurt too much to go through loss after loss, then agonizing over should we TTA or TTC? I couldn't imagine TTA when wanting to have a baby so badly, but also, I was so afraid to get pregnant. We brought home a little girl in August and I treasure every moment, knowing what a miracle... how hard it is for some to get there. After our 3rd loss I read "coming to term" and it really did help me overcome some of my hopelessness.... and I came back to this board always looking for stories of hope. I hope that this message helps someone reading..... it takes time and patience and persistence.... but it's possible. 

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klnra replied on Wed, Sep 21 2016 9:37 AM

Glad this was bumped w/your story, Yogi--pretty sure I forgot to add my story!

We had our baby girl after 3 consecutive losses between June and December 2014. Waited 3 months before ttc after the last loss and quickly found ourselves with another bfp. I cried at my 12-week check up when we heard the heartbeat and from that moment had confidence that I'd be holding my first baby in another 28 or so weeks. Now she's a happy 8-month-old who loves to give kisses and dance :) 

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lsr4483 replied on Wed, Sep 21 2016 9:57 AM

Congratulations yogi!!! I hope you are enjoying every second with your baby girl! Isn't it incredible how much can change in a year?

As my daughter's 1st birthday is approaching next month, I realized I never posted my own update here.  After 3 losses in 2014, we finally brought home our sweet rainbow in October 2015, and she is truly the greatest gift I could ever ask for. The hardest part of TTC and pregnancy after rpl was staying hopeful and optimistic, but the stories on this thread gave me the courage to keep trying.  I have found that openly talking about our struggle has been healing for me and helpful to others going through similar experiences. And I have been following the production of Don't Talk About the Baby, a documentary that is trying to start conversations about pregnancy loss (  The more awareness brought to this subject and the more people talk about it, the less isolated and alone women going through this will feel. Flowers

Edited to add: looks like we cross-posted, kinra! And it sounds like our journeys have been very similar. I am so happy for you! :)

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SoccerGirl replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 9:15 AM

Bumping this to thank those who have shared their stories on this thread. Flowers  It was such a source of hope for me to read. 

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