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justtryingthisout Posted: Sun, Mar 19 2017 10:38 AM

Did anyone else find their temps drop significantly after the time change? My coverline dropped 0.4 degrees F!

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laluna replied on Sun, Mar 19 2017 1:29 PM

My temps don't seem to change at all with the time changes. I've been charting for 3 years. But I think some people's temps are more sensitive to time changes (such as waking earlier or later) than other people. I also don't see much difference if I take my temp a little earlier or later. 

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soon2be_mrsd replied on Mon, Mar 20 2017 6:46 AM

When I first started charting,mix would temp around 6:30-7:00am...then a few months later I changed to 4:30 because I inevitably always wake up to use the bathroom then (my cats wake up then!)  I noticed my temps went down a bit, but the pattern was still there ans. pre-o temp was still a pre-o temp.


it looks like you're waiting to ovulate this month. You say your cover line dropped but until you complete a chart or at least O, you can't really set I our cl.  What I like about ovusoft software that no one else has is the shifting cl. It moves with your past 6 temps as you wait to o.  So really what you are seeing right now is a group of lower than usual temps for you. It could slightly be related to change in time, but more likely just a patch of lower temps,..could be gearing up to ovulate or just normal fluctuations. 

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dj rayne replied on Mon, Mar 27 2017 6:49 AM

Last time I see a clear O is chart 54. I looked at when the DST occurred and did not see anything that I would credit to that as the temps are lower prior to that point. There is actually a recommended schedule for change to prevent the initial drop that many see from temping an hour earlier.

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justtryingthisout replied on Mon, Mar 27 2017 12:09 PM

Thanks, DJ! I hope to see you around on a new board somewhere when this one closes!

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