Ovulation Spotting Charts

Ovulation spotting is a day or two of light bleeding right around ovulation. It is usually the result of the sudden drop of estrogen just before ovulation or blood or other fluid that is released from the ruptured egg follicle. This section is for completed charts and is not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart feel free to share your chart in the Chart Question Gallery. Click on a link to view the charts:

does O look correct...
Sat, Oct 19 2013
Ovulation Spotting...
Mon, Aug 12 2013
BPF after 8 days...
Tue, Apr 30 2013
Light brown cm
Wed, Feb 13 2013
O day correct?
Fri, Jan 4 2013
ovulation not clear...
Fri, Sep 28 2012
Spotting on Ovulation...
Sun, Dec 4 2011
Spotting on o day
Tue, Apr 12 2011
ovulation spotting
Fri, Mar 19 2010
ovulation spotting
Wed, Dec 2 2009
O spotting
Wed, Dec 2 2009
1st time for me
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Unusual for me!
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Another cycle with...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
thought AF ending...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
Thought AF was going...
Wed, Dec 2 2009
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