After Full-term Birth Charts

After birth the longer and more often your baby is away from your breast, the sooner you will start ovulating again. You should indicate whether you are Full or Nearly Full Breastfeeding, Partial Breastfeeding or No Breastfeeding At All. This section is for completed charts and not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart feel free to share your chart in the Chart Question Gallery. Click on a link to view the charts:

2nd PP cycle
Fri, Mar 11 2016
First Cycle After...
Fri, Feb 14 2014
First AF in 11 Months
Fri, May 31 2013
first "normal"...
Thu, May 23 2013
Return of AF at...
Fri, Jan 11 2013
post partum
Tue, Mar 6 2012
Coverline help
Mon, Oct 10 2011
*update BFN :(
Sat, May 14 2011
Wed, May 4 2011
First cycle after...
by L J
Mon, Oct 25 2010
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