Charting Questions

The Chart Question Gallery is a place to share your chart if you have questions and to comment on others charts. If you choose to upload any updated version you will need to delete your past chart. There is a DELETE button in the blue box. Questions concerning charting and your cycle are often best answered in the Forum section. Please follow the directions in the WIKI section and include a link in your signature when posting in the forums.

Tue, Nov 29 2016
Ovulation when?
by Bsma
Fri, Mar 4 2016
Confusing O date
Thu, Sep 10 2015
Can someone have...
Fri, Jul 31 2015
O date?
Thu, Jul 16 2015
BFP, missing temps
Wed, Jul 1 2015
ovulation date?...
Thu, Jun 18 2015
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