Triphasic Charts

Triphasic temperature patterns can be indicative of implantation during a cycle and may occur before a home pregnancy test can return positive results. They are called triphasic because they represent a third level of high temperatures typically reached seven to ten days after ovulation. (The first level of temperatures are those preceding ovulation, the second level of temperatures are those from O to at least 6 days after ovulation, the third level of temperatures are those after implantation).

This section is for completed charts and not intended for questions. If you have questions concerning an incomplete chart feel free to share your chart in the Chart Question Gallery. Click on a link to view the charts:

Triphasic, but BFN
Mon, Mar 24 2014
Triphasic BFN chart
Fri, Mar 14 2014
Triphastic at 13dpo
Thu, Sep 26 2013
2nd month ttc.....
Mon, Sep 9 2013
Triphasic BFN
Tue, May 28 2013
Triphasic chart...
Mon, Mar 4 2013
triphasic BFP
Sun, Dec 23 2012
baby number two...
Wed, Oct 10 2012
triphasic &...
Wed, Sep 12 2012
Triphasic - long...
Sun, Sep 9 2012
Triphasic + BFN
Thu, May 10 2012
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