Ovulation when?

Ovulation when?
posted by Bsma
Fri, Mar 4 2016

Hi All! Looks like I just finally o'd after second round of Clomid this cycle! But question - maybe splitting hairs, but I see a thermal shift on cd 32, but my fertility kit only had "high" (indicating only estrogen surge) the last few days and finally "peak" indicated lh on cd 32 - thought the temp spike always comes AFTER the O and curious why the program is estimating for cd33 (tomorrow?). Any thoughts on why the fert kit seems later - I'm thinking true O on cd30/31 (closer to BD ::fingers crossed::?? Thanks and good luck to all :)


tmonee wrote re: Ovulation when?
on Wed, Mar 16 2016 1:51 PM

It has it marked on CD34 due to including the fertility monitor in your cycle preferences.  Most find the best results calculating by temperatures only with FAM as the only item in the left side box at the bottom of the page.  If you include OPK, Fertility monitor, etc. the software will by default drop the egg the day after the positive OPK or peak reading.

Ovulation looks to have been CD32, assuming temps stayed up.   This response is a bit after the chart was posted, so hopefully you already got your BFP!