Knowing Your Body

Knowing Your Body
posted by Heather678
Fri, Sep 30 2016

Let me preface by saying: DO NOT CHART LIKE THIS IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TTA. Temp much more faithfully. I just wanted to share this chart because I am pretty proud of myself. Reading TCOYF and hanging around this site has helped me know my own body SO well. It's been such a blessing. An example: After my daughter was born, my cycles returned when she was 7 months old, but before my first cycle, I could tell when I was ovulating without temping even though it was my first time ovulating since she was conceived. I marked my calendar, and sure enough, my first period started right when I suspected it would. This cycle, even though it took 28 days before I even started feeling fertile, I started temping at that point and sure enough, I could see my ovulation day line up with all my other symptoms, and my period started right on time. Knowing your body is a beautiful thing.


murillo wrote re: Knowing Your Body
on Mon, Dec 12 2016 1:48 AM

Thank you :-)