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Ovusoft is the only fertility application that has been cleared by the US FDA as a fertility diagnostic device and we're proud to offer it to our members as a web-based application.
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To use the web application, you need to be a member of the Ovusoft Community. Joining is easy, just fill in the form below.
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Step 2 • Record Historical Cycle Information
To help you best identify when you are fertile and infertile, Ovusoft needs some basic historical information about your cycles.
My last period started on or about:
Open the calendar popup.
Enter your best estimates for your cycle lengths during the past year (or prior to the use of any hormonal-based contraceptives).
Cycle lengths are counted as the number of days between the start of your period in one cycle until the start of your period in your next cycle, not the number of days you menstruate.
Shortest cycle length:
Average cycle length:
Longest cycle length:
Record the number of cycles that you have had since any of the following events.
For all events, an entry of "0" means "not applicable".
Giving birth or miscarrying:
Taking the pill / patch:
DepoProvera injection:
Has your doctor told you that you are premenopausal?
Step 3 • Set Analysis Options
The following options need to be set before you begin entering information and monitoring your fertility.
I normally wake up at:
What signs will you be observing while monitoring your fertility?
Temperature & cervical fluid
Temperature only
Cervical fluid only
Which temperature scale does your thermometer use?
Step 4 • Confirm Your Settings
Please review the information you have provided below.
Last period started on:
Average cycle length:
Shortest cycle length:
Longest cycle length:
Cycles since pregnancy:
Cycles since pill / patch:
Cycles since DepoProvera:
I normally wake up at:
Signs I observe:
Thermometer scale:
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